Mission, Vision, Core Values

Our Mission

  • Status Hair Salon aims to create a unique position in the salon industry, and become a brand known for exceptional beauty and skill while taking care of the status of each client’s hair.
  • Our mission is to provide quality service at an affordable price to every Filipino citizen.

Our Vision

  • We believe that hair care is an indispensable part of the modern lifestyle, and Status Hair Salon is committed to bringing all the classic styles and all the latest trends to the local industry.
  • We believe that everyone should be able to follow their own style and take inspiration from any global trend. We believe in following the highest international standards and we believe that these should be brought to you.

Core Values

  • Accountability

    Responsibility of our actions that influence the lives of our customers and fellow workers.

  • Balance

    Maintaining healthy life and work balance of workers.

  • Commitment

    Commitment to render great service and other initiative that impact the lives both within and outside the organization.

  • Passion

    Putting your heart and mind in the work to get the best results.

  • Service Excellence

    Giving a world class service and great salon experience ton achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.